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Current Quarter
hcde 524 class
Intro to Programming (HCDE 524)
Instructed master's students who had limited or no previous programming background in fundamental programming principles. This class covered concepts such as variables, conditionals, functions/parameters, loops, arrays, and objects. Conducted live programming demonstrations using p5.js. Designed assignments to iteratively students’ coding ability, enhancing students’ code style and readability, and achieving objectives both within and beyond the course requirements. At the end of the class, students created and presented independent projects incorporating many of the concepts they learned.
Instructor [Autumn '22 | Spring '23 | Autumn '23 | Spring '24] University of Washington
Past Quarters
hcde 517 class
Usability Studies (HCDE 517)
This class introduces master's students to usability testing and usability research as components of user-centered design. Emphasizing a process-oriented approach, it helps students understand effective reporting to evaluate product usability issues, prioritize audiences, design tests, and proficiently report findings.
Teaching Assistant [Winter '24] University of Washington
hcde 492 and 493 class
HCDE Undergraduate Capstone (HCDE 492, 493)
Guided multiple teams of 4-5 undergraduate students each in their capstone projects, involving tasks such as defining a design problem, conducting user research, and establishing connections with industry sponsors. Each team’s projects culminated in a design prototype/demo that was presented alongside a poster at the end of the quarter.
Teaching Assistant [Winter '22 | Spring '22] University of Washington
hcde 310 class
Interactive Systems Design and Technology (HCDE 310)
This course introduced undergraduate students to the fundamentals of programming in Python, specifically designed for students with limited programming experience. Through weekly assignments, students applied programming concepts, with a focus on data manipulation and creating small applications using data from larger, publicly available sources. The course covered various programming concepts and practiced incorporating file operations, string processing, and external modules and APIs. The course concludes with a final project where students manipulate data, generate web pages through Python programs, and apply computational thinking to analyze, organize, and solve problems.
Teaching Assistant [Autumn '21] University of Washington
hcde 536 class
Interaction Design & Prototyping (HCDE 536)
Guided masters students in learning interaction design, including giving feedback on student projects that involves need-finding, user research, and prototyping.
Teaching Assistant [Winter '21] University of Washington
fpm 258c class
Ethics in Public Health Research and Practice (FPM 258C)
A seminar course tailored for graduate students in public health, encompassing topics such as study design, ethics, data analysis and management techniques, and qualitative research.
Teaching Assistant [Spring '20] UC San Diego