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OneWalk App
By Team W.O.W

Pedometer apps or other fitness apps are downloaded quite often, but many people quickly lose motivation to continuously exercise, and don’t use these apps regularly. However, through gamification we hope that our app, “OneWalk”, will provide our users with the motivation to walk more and lead healthier lifestyles. Our app targets everybody who wishes to motivate themselves to stay active and walk often. In order to create a fun and motivating app for our users, our app provides three main features for our users: customizable avatars, daily quests, and a global leaderboard.

One of our most interactive features is an avatar that users are able to customize with accessories bought from the application’s shop. The shop uses an in-game currency known as Gary Bucks that the user earns by walking and completing daily quests. The more our user walks, the more Gary Bucks they earn and the better accessories they can buy to customize their personal avatar. By linking steps walked to the amount of currency gained, users are given a sense of purpose and immediate reward for exercising daily.

In addition to a customizable avatar, our game will also include daily quests to provide users with concrete goals to strive for. Every day, the user will receive a randomized quest to walk a certain number of steps. When the user completes the quest, a certain amount of Gary Bucks will be automatically added to their account. The quests vary in difficulty, but can be completed multiple times a day in order to account for differences in users’ exercising needs and habits. These quests ultimately provide both short-term and long-term goals in order to provide structure to our user’s goals and incentivize walking.

Finally, OneWalk includes a global leaderboard that ranks the top 10 players by step count. Although everyone has their own personal exercise needs and goals, the leaderboard provides a competitive aspect for highly active users who want that competitive push. There is no in-game reward for making the top 10, but for many motivated users, the drive to be top 10 is enough. Anyone can enjoy OneWalk, but the leaderboard is geared more towards incredibly active users who would benefit from a slightly more competitive edge.

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Use Case Diagram

OneWalk is designed to help people have fun while also providing incentives for people to exercise. The personal avatar gives users a purpose to their daily exercise; players acquire Gary Bucks by walking and completing daily quests and can use said currency to purchase items that customize their personal avatar. In addition, daily quests provide users with a structured, concrete goal to work towards. Finally, OneWalk keeps track of a global leaderboard with the top 10 users ranked by step count. This gives our most active users the recognition and motivation they desire to keep walking. Ultimately, OneWalk strives to make daily exercise just as fun and easy as playing a game.

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WoW Team Members